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Wentworth Green


What do you look for in a community? Are you looking for a walking paradise where you are surrounded by numerous amenities, entertainment options, and restaurants? What about a thriving residential community where you can feel close to other successful people just like yourself? How about a commuter’s haven where getting to work is actually easy?

Wentworth Green


Table of Contents
  1. Quick Community Overview
  2. Amenities
  3. HOA Information
  4. Schools
  5. Community Advantages
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Crime Rate
  8. Conclusion



Quick Community Overview

If you answered yes to any of those, then you’ll fall in love with Wentworth Green in Gainesville, VA. Here at Wentworth Green Gainesville VA, you’ll find a large residential community composed of 472 homes broken up between condos, single-family homes, and Gainesville townhomes. Started in 2010 and finished between 2015 and 2016, Wentworth Green NVHomes and Ryan Homes Gainesville VA have created a fine network of luxury homes interconnected around the various amenities and shops around town.

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The Gainesville, VA area has an attractive demographic for successful people like yourself. The median income rests around $132,000 per household and common property value is about $442,000. Near the Pentagon and brimming with professionals both in the private and government sectors, this is a community where you can feel connected both in and out of the office.


If you think this sounds great now, then just wait until you read on. Wentworth Green gets better the more you hear about it. Let’s talk about homes for sale in Wentworth Green Gainesville VA and the benefits surrounding this amazing community.


Wentworth Green is composed of 472 homes broken up between condos, single-family homes, and townhomes. The development started in 2010 and finished between 2015 and 2016.



The Wentworth Green community is brimming with fun activities and amenities. The biggest draw during the warmer months is the Wentworth Green pool. It doesn’t matter if you have one of the Wentworth Green Gainesville townhomes or condos, all residents are invited.


Consisting of two different pools, the Wentworth Green pool area is the center of attention when the sun is out. One pool is for babies and toddlers and has five water fountains that will keep them laughing for hours. The other pool is larger for adults and older children.


Feel like having friends and family members join you in the pool? You’ll be granted a number of guests passes, so feel free to invite the whole family.


Within walking distance, you’ll find a tennis court, basketball court, dog park, and the community clubhouse. There are opportunities aplenty for playing games, meeting your neighbors and bringing the kids out to explore the world.


Amenities in Wentworth Green:

Resort-style Outdoor Pool
Tennis Court
Basketball Court
Dog Park
Community Clubhouse


HOA Information

As a bustling community of families and activity-focused individuals, there’s always something going on in Wentworth Green. If you’re looking for more information from the Wentworth Green HOA, then we invite you to contact them here. Wentworth Green HOA is managed by the Cardinal Management Group.


This helpful organization will help answer any questions you have along with giving you a first-hand account of what people think of Wentworth Green. They are as helpful and nice as the other people living there, so don’t be afraid to send them any questions. You can also discover much about the community by just poking around the website.



As an up-and-coming community, Wentworth Green has a number of families with children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Education means the world to any parent and you want to ensure that your child goes to the right school. You’ll be happy to know that Wentworth Green has top-rated schools that children love. Not only that, but the schools are literally within walking distance. 


Both the elementary school and junior high school, Piney Branch and Gainesville Middle School respectively, have very high ratings no matter where you look. A sore spot that you might find is Stonewall Jackson High School. Some online reviews aren’t as good for the high school as they are for other schools.


If you are worried about this, and no one would blame you if you were, then we have some good news. Construction has begun on a brand new high school and it is scheduled to open in 2021. Just like the other schools, this one is within walking distance.


Education is important to the Wentworth Green community. Aside from that one sore spot with the high school, both of the other schools have high ratings and the new high school will be fantastic.


A brand new high school is scheduled to open in 2021 and will be in walking distance 


Community Advantages

We used the words “walking paradise” to describe Wentworth Green before, and in this section, you’ll see exactly why. Nearly everything you could ever want is within walking distance of Wentworth Green. At most, you’ll be taking a short drive from your Wentworth Green location, but that should last nothing more than a few minutes. Here are just a few of the advantages that you can expect from this amazing residential community.


Virginia Gateway

The Wentworth Green walking trail is a popular spot for people in this community because it connects you to so many different stores, restaurants and movie theater, and it’s also great for enjoying nature or a fun jog in the morning.


Right now we’ll focus on how the Wentworth Green walking trail connects to the Virginia Gateway. The town center and brimming with activity, you’ll find everything that you could ever want. There are the expected stores like Target, Lowe’s and Best Buy, along with many more stores to choose from.


The Virginia Gateway contains literally dozens of stores and it’s all reachable via the Wentworth Green walking trail. Drive if you want, but anything you could possibly want is reachable via walking.


Just a small selection of stores within walking distance of Wentworth Green include:



Bar Louie
Panera Bread


Regal Cinemas
Game Stop
Hobby Lobby




Capital One Bank
The Fauquier Bank


We want to impress upon you that this is a very small selection of all the stores within walking distance to Wentworth Green Gainesville VA. You will find much more when you check out the Wentworth Green properties.


Commuter Lot

With a strong economy due to its proximity to the Pentagon, Washington DC and Tysons Corner, commuting is an issue everyone at Wentworth Green is concerned with. While you can go up I-66 to reach your job, we strongly advise against that as I-66 is a nightmare in the morning and you’re just causing yourself undue stress.


Just 0.2 miles away from Wentworth Green is a commuter lot where you can ride the fast and stress-free OmniRide bus service. With stops at downtown DC, Tysons Corner, and the Pentagon, you’ll have no troubles reaching the office.


While you can drive, and that might be better in the colder months, feel free to walk from Wentworth Green to the commuter lot.


Worshiping Within Walking Distance

Whether you are deeply religious, want to ensure your kids have the proper spiritual upbringing or want to worship when you have the time, you’ll be happy to know that there are two nearby churches within walking distance of Wentworth Green.


You can find both Holy Trinity Catholic Church and Gainesville United Methodist Church by your residence. Both have large parking lots for those days that you don’t feel like walking.


Live Entertainment

We brought up some entertainment options before with Regal Theater, but now we’re talking about live entertainment. The Amphitheater at Jiffy Lube is a popular spot for huge concerts and the place gets packed whenever a popular artist is coming to play.


While people living in DC have a drive ahead of them, you literally just have to walk 10 minutes. This adds to the nightlife scene and it’s wonderful being able to see your favorite musician live.


New Luxury Fitness Club

Whether you want to build up your body or relax after a hectic day, a new LifeTime fitness club is opening soon in Gainesville (Fall 2018). If you don’t know about the LifeTime brand, then you should be aware that this is a luxury gym with a basketball court, pool, numerous classes hosted by professionals and so much more.


Located conveniently by all the homes for sale in Wentworth Green Gainesville VA, you can be here within a few minutes and pumping iron, doing cardio and having fun with your neighbors while getting fit. The gym is not connected to Wentworth Green itself, but its close proximity makes it another huge benefit.


Close to Major Highways

While we warned about I-66 earlier and said that the commuters lot is within walking distance of Wentworth Green, sometimes you need the highway for work or pleasure. In either case, you’ll be happy to know that Wentworth Green is conveniently located near both I-66 and US-29.


Whether you need to commute or just go somewhere new and fun, the highways are there for you and easy to access. Within a few minutes, you’ll be on them and heading towards your destination. NVHomes Wentworth Green ensured that the community would be near all major conveniences, so rest assured that your every need is being met with ease and satisfaction.



Wentworth Green is for the active, professional family that wants everything within walking distance and loves being able to experience new things. You are surrounded by delicious restaurants, entertainment options galore, easy commuting spots, great schools and so much more.


Whether you’re active and love walking, or if you just want everything close to you, Wentworth Green treats you right and brings the businesses to you. This is an ideal spot to raise a family, and with new infrastructure all around you, all of the Wentworth Green townhomes and Gainesville condos are modern and in pristine condition. NVHomes Wentworth Green has spared no expense when it comes to making efficient and reliable housing for the successful.


Just about anything you could want in life is within walking distance or easy to access via the highways. With an engaged community by your side, Wentworth Green is also ideal for the social butterfly who wants to connect with local individuals, couples and families.


Crime Rate

Crime is scary and we want you to be knowledgeable and safe before moving to Wentworth Green. On a scale of 100 with 100 being the safest possible, the Gainesville area ranks 77 according to NeighborhoodScout. This represents a very safe area with a lower crime rate than average.


Virginia is general has lower crime rates than most of America. Gainesville is significantly lower than Virginia in general, meaning you are in one of the safest towns within one of the safest states in America. This is why many seek out houses for sale Gainesville VA.


The odds of being a victim of violent crime is 1 in 2,125 and property crime is 1 in 136. Very few people experience crime at Wentworth Green, ensuring your safety. 



What are you looking for in a property? If you want modern construction by trusted brands, then you’ll be happy to know that Wentworth Green NVHomes and Ryan Homes Gainesville VA worked hard to make the best, most modern residences they could.


Do you want restaurants, entertainment, and retail spots to literally surround you and be within walking distance? What about having commuting, worshiping, education and live entertainment just a few minutes away?


Are you looking for a safe area with low crime, like-minded families and a social atmosphere where you can really feel connected to the community? It’s all here at Wentworth Green. No corners cut, no expense spared to deliver you a residential community unlike any other.


If you want a personal tour of the houses for sale Gainesville VA or a private showing of the Wentworth Green townhomes or Gainesville condos, then please contact me and make an appointment. Together we can find the perfect residence for you, your family and your future.

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