Welcome to The Rotonda, a lovely and sprawling luxury condo community right in the heart of Tysons Corner. Situated in McLean in the Fairfax County of Virginia, The Rotonda is a beautiful location where people of all ages and families from small to large come to raise their children, live their lives and enjoy all the life has to offer.

This gated McLean Rotonda community has been recently improved and offers 1,150 units spread throughout five different buildings. Believe it or not, some of the largest condos in the Tysons Corner area are found at The Rotonda. Read on to see exactly how much space you can expect from The Rotonda condos and Rotonda condos for sale McLean VA. Not only that, but The Rotonda is a gated McLean community with 24-hour manned security. As I said, it’s a great place to raise a family.

Read on to find out more about The Rotonda and Tysons Corner in general, one of the best places in Virginia. We’ll cover Rotonda condos for sale McLean VA so that you know what you expect if you choose this fantastic community.

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Table of Contents
  1. Where is Tysons Corner?
  2. The Rotonda – At a Glance
  3. Floor Plans and Homes
  4. Statistics & Demographics
  5. HOA Info
  6. Schools
  7. Amenities and Recreation
  8. Pros/Cons
  9. Conclusion

Where is Tysons Corner?

If you’ve looked into The Rotonda McLean already or other condos for sale in McLean VA, then you’ve likely come across Tysons Corner. It can be confusing where Tysons Corner actually is because it is spread throughout McLean, Vienna and Falls Church. Originally called Peach Grove, this area was later renamed to Tysons Crossroads following the Civil War because of a landowner and postmaster there named William Tyson.

This was a small and simple area until 1962 when several developers were awarded contracts to build in the vicinity. There are now numerous tech companies, the Tysons Corner Center and many large businesses, malls and condo complexes in Tysons Corner, including Rotonda apartments McLean VA.

Located in Northern Virginia, Tysons Corner starts at State Route 7 and Virginia State Route 123. It is 11 miles from Washington, D.C. and six miles from Fairfax. It runs throughout several towns in Northern Virginia and is characterized as a major business center in the area.

It can be confusing where Tysons Corner actually is because it is spread throughout McLean, Vienna and Falls Church.


The Rotonda – At a Glance

Built around 1978 to 1980, The Rotonda McLean is a luxury gated condominium community in the center of McLean and Tysons Corner. There are a total of 1,150 units and five different buildings. This 34-acre beauty is situated to help with commuting, shopping and enjoying your life. There is easy access to Tysons, D.C. businesses and Dulles Corridor. The landscaping around Rotonda McLean is magnificent and complete with fountains, driver circles and a lovely entryway for residents.

Renovations in 2016 at the Rotonda McLean VA for sale brought a massive 2,000 square-foot fitness center with yoga, cardio, and weight training opportunities. There’s also an indoor pool, spa, and sauna. Aside from fitness, there’s also a game room, business center and general store with all the necessities.

Rotonda apartments McLean VA has 24-hour manned security, which ensures your safety. This means you can enjoy your life in peace as only residents and their guests are allowed access. Another huge benefit is that you are minutes away from the massive Tysons Corner Mall along with many upscale restaurants, stores, and other outlets. Commuting is as simple as it can be since you are just minutes from the Metro.

Built around 1978 to 1980, The Rotonda McLean is a luxury gated condominium community with a total of 1,150 units and five different buildings.


Floor Plans and Homes

The Rotonda features numerous amenities and benefits with their Tysons apartments, but one of the best things is the spacious floor plans with these McLean properties. There are 11 to choose from and you’ll be happy to know that many give you the space you need to stretch your legs and live comfortably.

For those looking for one bedroom and one or one-and-a-half bathrooms, there are four-floor plans ranging between 902 to 1,208 square feet. Going up from there, the two bedroom and two bathroom floor plans give you between 1,208 to 1,504 square-feet to enjoy. The largest are the three bedroom and three bathroom floor plans that give you between 1,685 to a huge 2,097 square-feet of space.

Their largest floor plan is massive and you have to see it to believe it. Not only is that a lot of space, but it’s almost impossible to find McLean properties in Tysons Corner that are this huge. That’s one of the best things about The Rotonda.

The Rotonda offer spacious and luxury floor plans ranging between 902 to unbelievable 2,097 square-feet (3bdr, 3baths).


Statistics & Demographics

Pexels / Pixabay

While we are focused on Rotonda McLean, these statistics largely come from Tysons Corner in general. Your experiences might be somewhat different while living at The Rotonda condominium. The population is currently 19,627 and is evenly split between males and females with there only being about 250 more females than males. The median age is about 35 years along and median household income is about $97,600.

Average house or condo value in Tysons Corner is about $518,000, which is roughly double the rest of Virginia. Over half of residents are white while 28.5 percent are Asian, 10.2 percent are Hispanic and 4.5 percent are black. The Rotonda is a highly educated area with 74.6 percent of residents receiving a four-year degree or higher and 38.5 percent receiving a graduate degree.

The majority of The Rotonda residents are within the scientific, technical and managerial fields. Women can commonly also be found in healthcare fields. Crime is quite uncommon in Tysons Corner and The Rotonda in general and this is considered a safe and fun place to live. Whether you select Tysons apartments or anywhere else in this area, it’s a great place that many people love.

Average house or condo value in Tysons Corner is about $518,000. Crime is quite uncommon in Tysons Corner and The Rotonda in general and this is considered a safe and fun place to live


HOA Info

Here is some info on The Rotonda HOA that you will be part of when choosing the Rotonda McLean VA for sale. Called The Rotonda Condominium Unit Owners Association, the current address is 8352 Greensboro Drive, McLean, Virginia 22102. They can be reached at any time if you have questions, grievances or need anything cleared up. One of the best ways to reach them is via phone and their number is 703-821-0100.

There are condo fees that range depending on which floor plan you choose when living in McLean VA, with the fees increasing as the floor plans get larger. The monthly fees currently range from $518.52 for the smallest floor plans to $1,206.78 for the largest ones (as of July 2019). The Rotonda offers garage spaces for its residents. If you have a garage space along with a condo, then there is an additional $32 per month.

These fees are billed to every The Rotonda resident and are non-negotiable. While there is typically an annual increase every year, the increase tends to be fairly low. From 2018 to 2019, the fees only went up 2.88 percent. The only exception to this is the garage increase, which went up 3.22 percent.

Do many people want to know what the condo fees at the Rotonda in McLean cover? These cover the overall updates and ensure that The Rotonda remains one of the cleanest and best condo communities in the area.

If you have any questions about the community in regards to trash disposal, scheduling events or anything else along those lines, then it would be best to contact The Rotonda HOA. If you have any questions about the condos for sale in McLean VA themselves or touring the area, then I would be glad to answer those questions and urge you to contact me.

The monthly fees currently range from $518.52 for the smallest floor plans to $1,206.78 for the largest ones (as of July 2019). If you have a garage space along with a condo, then there is an additional $32 per month.



Many of those looking for condos McLean VA at The Rotonda and living in McLean VA are families or they plan to start a family. Not only does The Rotonda have a very family-friendly atmosphere that is considered quite safe, but you’ll also find that the schools will be ideal for your children. Whether your children are just starting school, in their middle years or going to high school, all three of the local schools receive high marks.

All of the following information comes from Great Schools. This website is dedicated to providing unbiased scores to schools all over the nation. They consider many factors like overall student grades, number of students graduating, diversity and other factors.

If you have younger children, then they’ll start their education at Spring Hill Elementary School. This school caters to pre-K to sixth grade and currently has 950 students. They receive a 7 out of 10 and have superior scores in terms of diversity, very high test scores and academic progress. The only place where they get a low score is help with children who are falling behind, but there are many services available to concerned parents.

Longfellow Middle School caters to seventh and eighth graders and has 1,343 students. This school receives an exceptional 9 out of 10 and is the best-rated school on this list. There’s really nothing bad to say about this school and it excels in all major areas. Test scores, graduation rates and participation in advanced classes are all exceptionally high. Many schools suffer when it comes to helping low-income students, but Longfellow Middle School even does well in this area. This is an amazing school that your children will love.

The last school for your older children when you select Rotonda McLean for rent is McLean High School. There are 2,103 students here and the school receives a very high 8 out of 10. Graduation rates are above the state average as is college readiness and participation. Almost half of all students participate in advanced classes, which is double the state average. While their scores for helping low-income students is somewhat low at 4 out of 10, this isn’t bad compared to many other schools in the area.

In general, The Rotonda residents are happy to send their children to any of these fine schools. Getting Rotonda McLean for rent gives you access to these fine schools.

Below are the ratings according to Great Schools for schools in the Rotonda:
Spring Hill Elementary School reveives a 7 out of 10
Longfellow Middle School receives a 9 out of 10
McLean High School receives a 8 out of 10


Amenities and Recreation

The Rotonda has a number of amazing amenities that all residents can take advantage of. Aside from The Rotonda featuring plenty of room to stretch your legs and spread your roots, The Rotonda recently went through a multi-million dollar renovation in 2016 that completely modernized and improved The Rotonda Community Center. Located at the heart of The Rotonda, this vastly improved the fitness center and added many other amenities that residents love.

The Rotonda fitness center features a massive 2,000 square-feet of modern cardio and weight training equipment. No matter what your training regimen is, you’ll be sure to find equipment that suits your needs. There’s also a large Yoga studio with the Wellbeats virtual training system that will help you limber up and improve your flexibility. There are also both indoor and outdoor pools whenever you want to take a dip.

The business center allows you to book meetings and gives you an area to work in peace. There are also basketball courts, volleyball court, soccer field, pool (indoor and outdoor), tennis court, and a putting green. You’ll also find pet-friendly areas, ponds and a fitness trail that’s perfect for your morning jog.

If you’re looking for something to munch on or if you need some common product and don’t feel like going out, then you can probably find it at the general store at Rotonda McLean VA. This convenient area stocks all the essentials to make shopping easy and simple.

In general, The Rotonda has many great amenities and it also places you just miles away from large shopping malls, restaurants, and other outlets to suit all your needs.

Below is a list of amenities in Rotonda:
Modern Fitness Center
Business Center
Pet Friendly Areas
Basketball Courts
Volleyball Courts
Soccer Field
Indoor and Outdoor Pool
Tennis Courts



Being a realtor in Northern Virginia gives me deep insights into the pros and cons of many residential communities and condos McLean VA in the area. While The Rotonda features many great aspects, this section will be unbiased about the overall pros and cons when compared to other similar communities. While this list is subjective to a point, I hope this helps you determine whether The Rotonda is a good fit for you.


The location puts you just minutes from the world-class Tysons Corner Center and Tysons Galleria.You’re also within walking distance to Spring Hill Station, a short drive from major highways like Route 7 and I-66 and a few minutes from Walmart, Harris Teeter and other shopping centers.
It is close to impossible to find spacious floor plans in Tysons Corner, but The Rotonda offers many large condos for your whole family.
It is close to impossible to find spacious floor plans in Tysons Corner, but The Rotonda offers many large condos for your whole family.
Parking is amazing, which is just as rare as the large floor plans in Rotonda McLean for sale. You and your guests will have no problem finding a parking spot. Garage parking is available for an extra fee. Guests must park on the outdoor parking lot, but it’s quite easy to find a spot.
Fantastic amenities are here at Rotonda McLean VA as noted in the amenities section. The Rotonda is great if you love fitness, experiencing nature or doing business in peace.
Buildings have been recently updated and are all well-maintained.
The Concierge Shuttle Bus directs residents to the nearby Metro and local shopping. You can easily live without a car here.
The Electronic Vehicle Charging Station at The Rotonda makes it simple to charge your car.
A Multipurpose Room has been installed to support the multiple age groups found at The Rotonda. Toddlers and children are here during the morning, students in the evening for quiet studying and adults in the afternoon who can socialize.


This is a somewhat older community with older buildings, but they are well maintained. These McLean condos may not be a good fit if you want new buildings.
Condo fees are relatively high at around $1,200 per month for the largest condos. What do the condo fees at the Rotonda in McLean cover? While this goes towards providing the world-class amenities at The Rotonda, be sure to take this into account when considering whether this community is a good fit for your wallet.
Garage parking might be an issue as only some of the units come with garage spaces. If the original condo owner didn’t rent a garage space, then you won’t have access to a garage when buying that condo. You can get around this by finding another resident willing to rent out their garage space. Ask about this when checking condos in Rotonda McLean for sale.


The Rotonda is an exceptional gated community in Tysons Corner with many world-class amenities that you’re sure to enjoy. If you love fitness, physical activity, and beautiful landscaping, then The Rotonda is just what you’re looking for. These McLean condos offer amazing schools, a great placement that puts you close to malls, commuting spots and other outlets, and the area is so beautiful you’ll never you want to leave.

If you have any questions about The Rotonda or want to schedule a tour, be sure to contact me. I’m here for all your needs and would be happy to show you this and other local condos that suit your needs. There are many McLean condos for sale and apartments in McLean VA that I can help connect you with. Just contact me for more information about McLean condos for sale or apartments in McLean VA and the surrounding area.

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