The Boro Tysons

Natasha Aref
Natasha Aref
Published on September 7, 2019

Whether you live in Tysons Corner already, are in the area, or are completely relocating to Virginia, everyone is talking about The Boro Tysons. If you’re looking to get the scoop and learn more about The Boro Tysons, then you’re in the right place. As a realtor in Northern Virginia, I’ve been keeping up with everything about The Boro Tysons and I’ve got some juicy information to share with you. We’ll cover where is Boro along with information about unique condos in McLean VA.

The Boro Tysons Corner is a multi-phased development. With the first development completed and the rest on the way, The Boro Tysons easily fulfills the promise of the Fairfax County officials for this to boost Tysons Corner as the de facto downtown area for nearby residents. Plus, those who truly love the area can even live right in The Boro Tysons itself. If you’re looking for McLean properties or McLean condos, then you’ll be happy to know that you’re right near this Tysons Corner construction.

There’s a lot to cover here and I want to get started. Here are the top 8 things you should know about The Boro Tysons Corner. Believe me, this is an area that deserves your attention. We’ll also cover new condos in McLean VA and the best condo for sale in Tysons Corner VA.

Note: If you’d like to have a visual of The Boro in Tysons Corner then check out my YouTube video below:

Table of Contents
  1. The Boro Tysons Project Has Been Scheduled to Start Around Fall 2019
  2. The Boro Tysons to Boost Tysons Corner as The de Facto Downtown Area of Fairfax County
  3. What’s in The Boro Tysons Project?
  4. Largest Whole Foods in the Mid-Atlantic Region in The Boro Tysons
  5. High-End 15-Screen Movie Theatre: ShowPlace ICON Theatre
  6. The Meridian Group is The Developer of The Boro Tysons
  7. The Verse Offers Luxury Condos For Sale
  8. Recap of The Boro Tysons

1. The Boro Tysons Project Has Been Scheduled to Start Around Fall 2019

Here I’ll be briefly covering the overall
history of The Boro Tysons. Consider this an appetizer to the rest of the
Tysons the Boro info covered later.

The Boro Tysons VA first gained approval in 2016. This ambitious Tysons Corner construction plans to add 4.25 million square feet of Tysons the Boro apartments, offices, hotels and shops to Tysons Corner. As you might expect from one of the most affluent areas of the country, everything here is big, upscale and catering to the elite and unique. The Boro Tysons opening date has been scheduled to start around fall 2019.

Where is Boro? Tysons Corner itself is a CDP
between McLean and Vienna and the Boro is right in the heart of Tysons Corner.
This means that many of the new condos for sale in McLean VA will be coming
from this area. New condos for sale in McLean can be hard to come by, so keep
this in mind.

The Boro Tysons planning has been meticulous. It’s right across from the Silver Line Greensboro Station and near Westpark Drive, Leesburg Pike, Solutions Drive, and Greensboro Drive. It’s just a hop-skip-and quarter mile from the Greensboro Station. Want to live at The Boro Tysons? Then you can easily commute via the Silver Line. Want to visit The Boro Tysons? Use the same Silver Line to come in or go home.

Meridian, The Boro Tysons Corner VA developer, already had the land ready. They purchased the former SAIC campus in 2013 and have been waiting to use this land for a big project. One of the challenges though was that this land was a “superblock.” That’s a plot of land that’s difficult to access. However, that didn’t stop anyone. A local street grid has been included with three new streets, a walkable neighborhood and a plan to carve The Boro Tysons into four accessible blocks.

The entirety of The Boro Tysons project will be 4.2 million square feet on an 18-acre site with 12 new buildings. The very first phase has already added 500,000 square feet of office space, 60,000 square feet of The Boro Tysons retail space and 700 residential units, many of which will be Tysons Corner condos for sale. Don’t worry, there’s more to come!

The Boro Tysons project gained approval in 2016 to add 4.2 million square feet on an 18-acre site with 12 new buildings.


2. The Boro Tysons to Boost Tysons Corner as The de Facto Downtown Area of Fairfax County

Every new development, especially ones of this
size, has extensive reasoning behind it. There are many angles to explore about
The Boro Tysons and we’ll try to discuss all the major ones.

First of all, anyone living in Tysons Corner
knows the area is crowded. Whether due to residents or visitors, Tysons Corner
attracts many people and for many different reasons. Another thing people in
Tysons Corner will notice is the sudden increase in overall development, with
The Boro Tysons VA just being another part of it.

As an affluent area, more and more companies are starting to invest in Tysons Corner. In fact, The Boro in Tysons represents the Rockefeller Group’s first investment in this area. High rises, retail spaces, offices, there’s so much going up in Tysons Corner that it’s a little dizzying.

The Boro Tysons might be one of the largest developments, but it’s certainly not the only one. More people want to live here and more businesses want to exist in this hot spot.

The Boro in Tysons is also a major anchoring point of the Fairfax County’s Economic Success Plan. They want The Boro Tysons Corner VA to be the new downtown of the Fairfax County and to attract even more people to this area. It’s estimated that in 2050, Tysons Corner condos and The Boro Tysons apartments will include 100,000 residential units and 200,000 jobs. It’s an ambitious plan and The Boro Tysons represents a large part of this promise to enhance Tysons Corner.

The backbone philosophy of The Boro Tysons is to create dense, transit-oriented, mixed-use where people can thrive in all areas of life. People can work, live, play and do anything they could ever want without having to travel far. This is easily accomplished with all the new The Boro Tysons apartments and Tysons Corner condos. That, in turn, will attract even more businesses and investors.

Many people already know and love the massive Tysons Corner Center Mall in the area. Home to hundreds of stores, it attracts thousands of people every day. The Boro Tysons is made to compete with this mall. Gary Block, chief investment officer for Meridian, wanted to combine the Fairfax City Center and Reston Town Center with an even more modern development for Tysons the Boro.

While there were obstacles in the way, such as
hesitation about investing in a new area, those obstacles have been overcome
and The Boro Tysons stands as a monolith to all things fantastic about this
lovely area.

In fact, The Boro in Tysons represents the Rockefeller Group’s first investment with the goal combine the Fairfax City Center and Reston Town Center with an even more modern development for Tysons the Boro.


3. What’s in The Boro Tysons Project?

As I said before, The Boro Tysons is designed
to cater to all of life’s needs. This is a place for residents to live, play
and work, and it’s a place where visitors can really let loose and have fun,
especially at the new Tysons restaurants. As such, The Boro Tysons is designed
to be densely packed with all of life’s necessities.

Perhaps the biggest initial draw is Whole Foods Tysons Corner the Boro. This isn’t just any Whole Foods. The Whole Foods Tysons Corner is the largest in the area. In fact, Whole Foods Tysons Corner secured the deal for the whole project as it eased investors into pouring their money into the project. You’ll find kitchens, classes and much more at The Boro Tysons Whole Foods.

On top of that, there are five lettered blocks each with their own offerings. The Boro Tysons completion date will differ for each block, with the first opening in 2019. Block C was the first to go with the others just behind it. Aside from a massive 437,000 square-foot office building and residential units along with Mc Lean real estate, there’s also the large 15-screen Showplace ICON movie theater along with the trendy Bluestone Lane coffee shop and other new Tysons restaurants.

Block A is composed primarily of residential units, apartments in Tysons and The Boro Tysons condos. You’ll find the Tysons Corner luxury apartments here. There are the exceptionally large 25-story Verse apartments that offer new condos in Tysons Corner along with the equally impressive Rise 27-story Tysons Corner luxury apartments highrise. Both of these have new condos in Tysons Corner that people are dying to get, especially those who want luxury apartments Tysons Corner. If you’re looking for Tysons Corner condos for sale, I suggest starting here.

The Verse

The massive Whole Foods Tysons Corner the Boro is found here as well, which stands at over 69,000 square feet.

While somewhat shorter than the other buildings nearby, Block B contains the five-story the Loft Boro Park. At 77,000 square feet, the Loft Boro Park may not be tall, but it stretches along the whole Boro Place street. It has two floors dedicated to The Boro Tysons retail space and three floors of office above that.

The Boro Loft

Offices are being placed closest to the Silver
Line metro while retail spaces are somewhat further away. The Tysons Technology
Field is a large, full-size athletic field complete with synthetic turf.

There’s, even more, to love about The Boro Tysons. There’s the Bolden, a massive residential building including a sky park with some of the best apartments in Tysons. Boro Tower is a 20-story office building leasing 46,200 square feet of office space, it’s also home to Hogan Lovells, the international law firm. Next up is the 8280 Greensboro office building with 209,669 square feet of space with an exceptional amenity package like new conference centers, a gym, and on-site restaurants. Lastly, there’s the East Boros apartments and office building with 763,965 square feet of space with an electric bike-share program, tenant lounge, metro access and more. The East Boros apartments building is exceptionally beautiful.

The Boro Bolden
In general, The Boro Tysons is expected to include:
Five new apartment/condo buildings with over 2,000 units
Three office towers at 1.9 million square feet
Over 430,000 square feet of retail space
Hotels at 640,000 square feet
Seven nature parks with a total of 4.23 acres
A large 19,000 square-foot public library


4. Largest Whole Foods in the Mid-Atlantic Region in The Boro Tysons

I’ve mentioned Whole Foods Tysons several times, but it really deserves the recognition. I thought it’d be best to give this store a whole section. Please be aware that the Whole Foods Tysons isn’t open just yet, but The Boro Tysons opening date is very soon in fall 2019.

Many people recognize how wonderful and unique Whole Foods is. Aside from many organic offerings, they have some of the most interesting brands and items available for foodies. However, The Boro Tysons brings you not just the largest Whole Foods in the mid-Atlantic region, but also one of the best.

To give you an idea of its overall size, this Whole Foods is 70,000 square feet in size. While not the largest in the chain, it’s the largest in the area among the other 44 in the mid-Atlantic region. The largest is located in Austin, Texas and is 80,000 square feet, where it also includes the company’s headquarters.

Whole Foods is planning to make this one of their most ambitious storefronts. Regional president Scott Allshouse stated they are adding new innovations here. There are rumors of a dedicated bistro, a full bar and brewery, along with kitchens and classes for beginners to advanced foodies. While the doors aren’t open just yet, we expect many of these rumors to be true. In either case, The Boro Tysons location is sure to become the regional flagship and a big draw for the area.

On top of that, the Amazon ownership means that all Amazon Prime members can submit online orders and have their food ready before stepping foot into the building. You’ll also be right next to the metro and all the other stores and offerings from The Boro Tysons.

If you love food or want to see the new and
unique, this Whole Food definitely won’t disappoint.

The Whole Foods opening date at The Boro Tysons is very soon in fall 2019 with 70,000 square feet in size.


5. High-End 15-Screen Movie Theatre: ShowPlace ICON Theatre

There are large movie theaters all over the place, so what’s special about the ShowPlace ICON Theatre? If there’s one thing to learn about The Boro Tysons, it’s that even common stores and attractions can become magical, and that’s true with this 360 theater Tysons Corner. This is an upscale location meant to amaze. Showing the latest movies and having 15 screens is just the beginning.

The Boro Tysons completion date for this location is scheduled as 2019 along with the nearby Whole Foods, ShowPlace ICON 360 theater Tysons Corner will have upscale dining options through a dedicated bistro in the lounge. All seating is assigned and reserved before entering the room. There you’ll be greeted with leather recliners that are comfy and will make the next few hours feel fantastic.

Not enough for you? This Tysons movie theater offers exclusive VIP levels with reserved dining tables for guests 21 years or older. This allows you to easily enjoy the show and some of the best food in the area.

The Icon Lobby Lounge will have a full bar and bistro. There are also restaurants new ICON Theater. Large enough to seat 150 people, this is a spectacle you must see to believe.

The theater will overlook the large Boro Park, which is also connected to the ShowPlace ICON Theatre. Here there will be amphitheater seating, water features, outdoor tables, and chairs and it can hold large public events. It also includes many restaurants near ICON Theater.

It’s not often that you hear about upscale
theaters, but that’s exactly what you’re getting with this Tysons movie
theater. Whether you love movies, food or aesthetics, you’re getting the whole
package here.

6. The Meridian Group is The Developer of The Boro Tysons

The Tysons Corner development group of The Boro Tysons is none other than The Meridian Group partners. They are a real estate firm that specializes in investing and developing. While they may be based in Bethesda, Maryland, they have recently been pouring millions of dollars and thousands of man hours into the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas, including Tysons Corner development.

The Meridian Group real estate management has been around for 25 years and The Boro is only their newest project. They focus on adding value and developing new areas, which has landed them over 14 million square feet of residential, office, hotel and other mixed-used space. Also, just to clear up any confusion, despite the similar name, they are not involved with Meridian hospitals.

They had previously acquired the nearby SAIC campus in 2013 and were looking for a way to add value to the area. They knew The Boro Tysons was a winning project that would thrill thousands and bring in millions (if not billions) of dollars in commerce, revenue, and profit. However, despite how great the project looked on paper, many big investors were initially hesitant.

This makes sense. While Tysons Corner is
definitely an affluent area, few investment firms have ever stepped foot there.
While The Meridian Group real estate management knew that The Boro Tysons was
going to be a big success, it took some convincing to get investors on board.

What turned things around was Whole Foods, who could single-handedly be thanked for getting this project off the ground. Because of them, the Rockefeller Group pledged the necessary funds to make The Boro Tysons happen. If The Boro Tysons will be like anything else in The Meridian Group partners profile, then I have to say that the Rockefeller Group made a winning decision.

7. The Verse Offers Luxury Condos For Sale

There are several highrise condo communities here, but I want to focus on The Verse Tysons. This 25-story highrise is built with exceptional beauty and attention to detail. The design is highly modern and there are so many features and amenities it’s hard to wrap your head around it all. If this sounds like The Boro Tysons condo of your dreams, then contact me and we can schedule a viewing. Many people are interested in apartments Tysons Corner, and with communities like this, it’s easy to see why.

The Verse Tysons was built to exemplify luxury apartments in Tysons Corner. Located in the heart of The Boro, these luxury apartments in Tysons Corner are connected directly to the green public spaces, pedestrian-friendly streets, high-end shopping and all the nearby conveniences found at The Boro Tysons.

The Verse offers seven floor plans. They include:
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom: 689sqft
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 709sqft
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,160sqft
2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms: 1,689sqft (exterior: 175sqft)
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, den: 1,617sqft (exterior: 136sqft)
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, den: 1,778sqft (exterior: 200sqft)
2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, den: 1,813sqft (exterior: 120sqft)


One-bedroom floor plans start at $500K, two-bedroom start at $850K and two-bedroom with den starts at $1.2m. These are very reasonable considering what you’re getting. You’re not just buying living space. You’re buying into an elegant lifestyle with these luxury apartments Tysons Corner.

Not only do these apartments Tysons Corner give you tremendous room to stretch your legs and lay down your roots, but each room is built for the sophisticated and those attuned to aesthetics and beauty. The materials and colors have been picked to display textures and planes with a restrained yet bold voice. All floor plans have open designs ideal for entertaining along with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Designed by Cecconi Simone, each of these Tysons Corner apartments have Epicurean kitchens are open and feature composite stone countertops, a 5-burner stove, and oven with a built-in gas range and chef-level appliances. An island separates the kitchen making for intimate settings and close meals. Certain units come with a concealed fridge, dishwasher, and under-counter beverage center.

The bathrooms are spa-inspired. The floors and tiles are Porcelain Calcutta while the frameless glass showers are expansive and open. Warm LED lighting comforts and works wonders for makeup application. You’ll find roomy storage towers, linen cabinets, and custom Italian vanity.

Balconies are available with many units.
Elegant railings border the balcony and there are breathtaking views of The
Boro Tysons. You’ll have plenty of room to read, relax and entertain.

We haven’t even covered amenities yet. The 24-hour concierge welcomes you every day with a smile and there’s a stunning entertainment lounge with soft curtain details and herringbone wood floors. Relax by the large fireplace with plush, comfortable seating. The lounge is complete with double-height ceilings, soaring windows, cocktail seating, an open kitchen, and a private all-season terrace.

For those who love physical activity and staying fit, Verse Tysons has everything you could wish for. The high-performance gym has cardio equipment, weights, a full yoga studio, and even an outdoor Zen terrace. Courtyards are ideal for walks and jogging while the one-acre Skypark contains badminton courts. There are even a large outdoor pool and secure bike storage and repair station. Your pet will love it too because there’s a dedicated pet spa.

On top of all this, there reserved parking and a resident-only garage. It ensures you always have space while keeping your car safe at these Tysons Corner apartments.

If this sounds like everything you’re looking for and more, then please contact me to set up a viewing of this Mc Lean real estate. Believe me, words don’t do justice to how fantastic and awe-inspiring Verse Tysons is. You have to see it to capture the full beauty.

One-bedroom floor plans at the Verse start at $500K, two-bedroom start at $850K and two-bedroom with den starts at $1.2m.


8. Recap of The Boro Tysons

The Boro Tysons is meant to bring further
prosperity to the area, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is The Boro Tysons a
highly ambitious project, but it combines everything you would ever need. If
you’re looking for somewhere fun, you’ll find that The Boro Tysons has many
stores, new Tysons restaurants and high-end shopping opportunities for you to

If you feel that The Boro Tysons is a place where you can see yourself living, somewhere that you never want to leave, then I can help find the perfect condos in McLean VA or Tysons the Boro apartments for your needs. While the Verse apartments offer a top-tier luxury community, I can connect you with the right condo for you and your family. Be sure to contact me with any questions about the area or if you’d like to schedule a tour.

There are also many McLean properties and
McLean condos nearby to look for if you’re looking to enjoy Boro Tysons without
actually living there, like with the Monarch Tysons. Contact me and I’ll get
you the best of the best either in Boro Tysons, Monarch Tysons or nearby.
Getting a condo for sale in Tysons Corner VA can be tough without the right
help. Let me assist you in finding new condos in McLean VA or the surrounding

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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