Regency at Dominion Valley – 6 Things To Know

Natasha Aref
Natasha Aref
Published on August 17, 2018

In all honesty, choosing the right retirement community and if Regency at Dominion Valley is the right choice is not an easy task. But it can be even harder when you don’t live in the Gainesville area.

There are a variety of 55+ communities in the Northern Virginia area, but how do you really know which one is a good fit for you? There are many factors to consider while looking for the perfect retirement community.

Some of the many things to consider are – does the community fit your lifestyle? Do you need to downsize? Can you take all of my belongings? Does the community provide you access to a good health care? Does the community provide assisted living as well?

This is why I’ve created this post for those who are unfamiliar with the Regency at Dominion Valley and would like to learn more about it in order to see if this retirement community is a perfect fit.

I always try to put myself in my client’s shoes, so I could feel and envision what they’re going through. Also, working with many clients who moved to Regency at Dominion Valley gives me unique insight about this community which I like to share with others. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s mostly a matter of preference, and what you’re looking for. I’ve lived in the Gainesville area for a while and actively work in these neighborhoods.

Therefore I’ll mention Pros and Cons about this community and let you decide if this 55+ community is a good fit.

Another thing you’ll notice is that I include visuals in my blog posts as well. My visual gives you a  preview of the community so you can make your own judgment if Regency at Dominion Valley is a good fit for you.

Where is Regency at Dominion Valley?

Regency at Dominion Valley is a gated golf course community in Haymarket, Va. It enjoys a prime location in the heart of Virginia’s Prince William County, 35 miles west of Washington D.C.

Regency at Dominion Valley features resort-style living at its finest and welcomes active adults who are aged 55 or better. With beautiful attached and detached homes, a spacious clubhouse, plentiful amenities, various social groups, and a diverse setting, there truly is something to please every resident.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to the interesting stuff – 6 Things To Know About The Regency at Dominion Valley.

1. Regency at Dominion Valley is Perfect For Active Adults

Regency at Dominion Valley screams outdoor lifestyle! I’m in and out of this community at least twice a week and I must applaud these senior citizens because they’re in outstanding shape!

Rain or shine, they’re on the golf course, at the clubhouse, eating lunch with their friends outdoors, and enjoying life. Regency at Dominion Valley has opened doors for residents wanting to simply enjoy their retirement. I’d like to point out that golfing is one of the most enjoyed activities by residents in this retirement community.

The term 55+ Community can be misguiding, but the residents who live here by no means act, look or feel like they’re a day over 40. I believe that positive people and a positive environment create positive energy, and that is exactly what I see and notice when I visit Regency at Dominion Valley.

The residents take advantage of their membership and enjoy every bit of the amenities that are being offered to them.

Regency at Dominion Valley 8

Beautiful View

Golf Course in Regency

Regency at Dominion Valley 16

Amenities – Tennis Court

2. You’re Close to Everything

It’s utmost important to know if the new community matches your lifestyle other than its aesthetic features. You want to be close to your favorite restaurants or be able to have a matching religious community close by. This is definitely the case in  Regency at Dominion Valley.

Promenade at Virginia Gateway, just 10 minutes away, offers you a variety of restaurants, shops, and entertainments (Regal Movie Theater) to choose from.

Regal Movie Theater and Bar Louie

Another View at Virginia Gateway

Dominion Valley Market Square is a 140,012 SF neighborhood shopping center anchored by Giant Food which many of the residents enjoy walking to down the trail. It has a signalized entrance on Dominion Valley Drive.

3. Regency at Dominion Valley Offers Great Homes and Floor Plans

If you’re worried about “Downsizing” or having to donate or throw away your most valued belongings then you will fit right in. One of my favorite things about the Regency at Dominion Valley is that it’s taken the concept of a 55+ community and incorporated that into a gated golf community with loads of amenities.

That’s not even the best part…as they do have condos, and townhomes as an option, they feature something rare and unseen in Northern Virginia. Regency at Dominion Valley has introduced “main level homes” to those who are trying to avoid stairs. These are huge solutions that are available to those who don’t want to get rid of their belongings and furniture but would like to minimize their home by moving into a main level home.

Main-Level Home in Regency at Dominion Valley

Main Level Home in Regency at Dominion Valley

In Northern Va, when you hear someone talking about a retirement community or a 55+ Community, you automatically think they’re referring to a condo; which would take us back to the point of not wanting to downsize.

Besides their main level homes, they also feature 2 story and 3 story homes, and I’m sure you’re scratching your head wondering why you’d move out of your current 3 level home, into another 2 or 3 level home, when your goal is to avoid the stairs; Which was the first thing I wondered to myself when I heard they have 2 and 3 level homes as well.

However, the thing that sets Regency at Dominion Valley apart is that their homes ALL feature main level master suits and baths, along with being handicap accessible. The doorways and staircases are much wider than average, making it easily accessible for wheelchairs to go in and out of [Watch My Exclusive Home Showing here]

Many of the 2 level homes have a little kitchenette in the basement, offering a private suite for their kids or grandkids when they come to visit. I’ve seen some residents use their basements as storage for their Christmas decorations, or off-season belongings.

It’s definitely a sense of assurance and peace of mind that your most cherished belongings are still with you and within reach. From what I’ve noticed, the residents who’ve chosen the 3 level homes have big families who live nearby and wanted to give their grandchildren each their own bedroom.

4. Golf Membership Fees Are Mandatory in Regency at Dominion Valley

If you’re not the most outdoorsy, then you may want to reconsider living in this community. The membership fees at Regency do vary depending on how often you plan to golf, but each resident does need to pay for an initial “Buy-in Fee”, along with a social membership fee.

However, I’ve seen many that simply enjoy the atmosphere and want to live in this community regardless. There are also other options such as “The Platinum Golf Membership”, Which would give you full access to the golf course, and Full use of all Clubhouse facilities, Sports Pavilion, tennis courts and pool facilities.

The one-time initiation fee is $1,000 – $1,500 with monthly dues varying between $44-$220.

See the infographic below for more information:

For more information, please contact Tyler Puckett at [email protected]com or 571-222-6901.

5. Close to Healthcare Providers

Having access to good healthcare providers is one major concern many of my clients have and I am sure you as well. A variety of health care providers reside in nearby the Regency at Dominion Valley in Haymarket and Gainesville:

Inova Medical Group offers comprehensive, preventive care for the whole family. They are conveniently located in the Inova Medical Center – Gainesville building near the I-66/29 Interchange – just minutes from the Promenade at Virginia Gateway [Click here to see the type of services].

Also a new hospital, Heathcote Health Center, located at I66 and Rt. 15 (James Madison Highway) just down the road from Dominion Valley opened in 2014.

One of the things I find great about the Hospital is that there’s absolutely no wait. We went there once for my daughter, and they took great care of us, and we were in and out within an hour. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable in their field.

6. Regency at Dominion Valley is Great For Independent Adults

As I mentioned in my YouTube video [click here to watch it], this community only offers independent living, and not assisted living. Some may want to have the option to have both within their community and if that’s the case for you then I suggest you look into Heritage Hunt, which is another 55+ Community in Gainesville and offers both independent living and assistive living.

Now What?

Hopefully, this post has helped you have a thorough understanding of Regency at Dominion Valley and if you’re interested in touring the community, or would like schedule a private showing, feel free to schedule an appointment and I’d be glad to meet with you!

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