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The Boro Tysons

Natasha Aref

Whether you live in Tysons Corner already, are in the area, or are completely relocating to Virginia, everyone...

Gated Communities in Virginia

Natasha Aref

Many different concepts and thoughts come to mind when someone mentions gated communities in Virginia. Some pe...

Autumn: the perfect time to whip that mudroom into shape

Natasha Aref

Folks who live in areas of the country with wild winter weather use a vocabulary that sounds like a foreign...

Here’s what you need to know about the current real estate market

Natasha Aref

Whether you’re entertaining notions of buying or selling a home, you’re no doubt keeping up with housing n...

4 signs that your HVAC system is in trouble

Natasha Aref

From handling summer’s heat to keeping us toasty when it’s chilly outside, our HVACs are one of the hardes...

Homebuyer tip: Don’t commit these negotiation blunders

Natasha Aref

As a homebuyer, unless you are buying direct from the owner, you’ll not negotiate with the seller of the hom...

5 Mistakes to avoid when hiring a plumber

Natasha Aref

From $45 to $200 per hour. That’s what you’ll pay, on average, to hire a plumber, according to HomeAdvisor...

Start preparing now for a fall or winter home sale

Natasha Aref

Did you know that winter is one of the best seasons to sell a home? Fewer homeowners list their homes...

September is National Preparedness Month: Are you ready?

Natasha Aref

Each September, since 2004, National Preparedness Month “reminds Americans to be prepared for disasters or e...

What to do in the fall garden

Natasha Aref

With fall just around the corner, many new gardeners naturally assume that the gardening season is over. It do...


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