Welcome to Penderbrook, a lovely residential community situated in Fairfax and Fair Oaks that has all the amenities you’re looking for. Perhaps the biggest reason people love living at Penderbrook is the world-class golf course that is a rarity in the area. While there are golf communities found in Haymarket, Gainesville and other cities in Loudoun Country, golf is a rarity in the larger Fairfax area, and that’s a shame. Golf courses in northern VA might be hard to find, but you’ll have access to one all the time at Penderbrook.

Fairfax puts you very close to Washington D.C., which is ideal if you work there or love having easy access to the city. Other towns in the area, like Tysons Corner, McLean, and Vienna, don’t have a golf community like Penderbrook. We’ll go over all the wonderful things you can expect from Penderbrook. This will help you determine if Penderbrook is the best community for your unique needs. We’ll be sure to help you navigate the Penderbrook homes for sale.

Table of Contents
  1. Penderbrook a Community Overview
  2. Homes in Penderbrook
  3. Penderbrook Golf Community
  4. Statistics, Demographics, and Crime
  5. Penderbrook HOA Info
  6. Amenities
  7. Schools
  8. Fair Oaks Mall in Walking Distance
  9. Pros/Cons
  10. Conclusion



Penderbrook a Community Overview

Situated 20 miles west from
Washington, D.C. and a short drive from Dulles International Airport,
Penderbrook contains a mixture of townhomes, condos and single-family homes.
The biggest draw of Penderbrook is the large, public 18-hole golf course that
all residents can enjoy, which is one of the few golf courses in northern VA.
The Penderbrook golf club is managed by the homeowners association (HOA),
ensuring that everything is in top shape at all times.

While Penderbrook might be known for
their golf course, you’ll find much more at Penderbrook that you’re sure to
love. You’ll find a fitness center, clubhouse, tennis courts, basketball
courts, the Penderbrook pool and an area for children.

Whether you’re looking to live in luxury, enjoy a few rounds of golf whenever you’d like or be close to the city, Penderbrook is here to satisfy your needs.

Homes in Penderbrook

Penderbrook is a very large golf community that currently has 1,776 homes all centered around the Penderbrook golf club. There are townhomes with and without garages, garden-style condos and executive-style homes for single families. All of the homes are spacious and provide you with all the amenities afforded to Penderbrook residents.

There are seven different land bays to
choose from depending on whether you’re looking for Penderbrook apartments or
homes for sale in Penderbrook Fairfax VA. Townhomes are located in the
Fairways, Inverness and Mews land bays. Those looking for condos can find them
in the Heights, Oxford House, and Penderbrook Square. If you want single-family
homes, you’ll find those in the Greens.

Penderbrook is a very large golf community that currently has 1,776 homes (townhomes, condos, and single family homes).


Penderbrook Golf Community

Penderbrook is a heaven for all those who love golf. Whether it’s playing the game or having somewhere to be with friends, family, and associates, the Penderbrook Fairfax golf course is a beautiful place to eat, drink and play a few rounds of golf. This 18-hole course is built to be challenging in a fun way, and it’s perfect for advanced players or those looking to try golf for the first time.

Built in 1980, the Penderbrook golf area is a par 71 course made with seven water holes and more than 60 bunkers. While some golf courses are made for maximum distance, Penderbrook breaks the mold and prioritizes accuracy and skill. You’ll find many holes that combine the two, but this is the perfect course to show and improve your skill at golf.

There are various membership levels based on how often you want to access the golf course, either just weekday or all seven days of the week, and whether you want it for yourself or the whole family. Family plans include yourself, your spouse and any children under 17 years old. You can also include carts with your plan, which is much more affordable than renting them regularly. This is an $800 to $1,200 charge on top of your membership fees, based on which membership package you choose.

Penderbrook Golf Club offers various membership levels on how often you want to access the golf course.


Aside from access to the golf course,
you also gain other benefits at Penderbrook with your membership. You get
unlimited greens fees, 25 percent off any posted cart or green fees, special
discounted pricing at the pro shop and 14-day advanced reservations.

When you’re done playing, you can sit down and have a great meal at Mulligan’s Pub. This is connected directly to the Penderbrook Fairfax golf course and gives you a place to enjoy a pint along with some amazing food. You can also book meetings, banquets, and parties here.

Statistics, Demographics, and Crime

Here are some statistics about demographics and crime so that you can better understand the area. Please be aware that this information is not Penderbrook specifically so you may experience slight differences when visiting or living in the Penderbrook area. These stats are instead from the Fairfax area.

With a population of about 24,000 and expensive real estate, Fairfax and by extension Penderbrook is an area full of professionals and high-level workers who frequently commute to Washington D.C. for their important jobs. More than 56 percent of residents here have at least a four-year degree with many having much higher. Median real estate value is around $576k, and many estimates say that between 30 to 40 percent of residents have Penderbrook apartments in Fairfax VA.

The majority of residents around the Penderbrook area are between 35 to 54 years old, but the ages are fairly balanced across the spectrum. The per capita income in Fairfax is about $46k with median household incomes being around $106k. Most people work in professional, technical or scientific jobs while many others are in management roles. About 57 percent of residents are white while about 17 percent are Hispanic, 16 percent are Asian, and 4.9 percent are African American.

Virginia is known for being safe, and that goes for Penderbrook and Fairfax in general. According to Neighborhood Scout, Fairfax is 41 percent safer than average and it consistently beats the averages for Virginia. Both violent and property crimes are relatively rare in this area.

The majority of residents around the Penderbrook area are between 35 to 54 years old with median household incomes being around $106k. Most people work in professional, technical or scientific jobs while many others are in management roles.


Penderbrook HOA Info

Every homeowner at Penderbrook becomes a member of the two Penderbrook HOA associations here. There is the Penderbrook Community Association, which is the master association, and you become a member of your Penderbrook Land Bay association. You’ll be given a set of community rules and documents before settling on one of the homes for sale in Penderbrook Fairfax VA. Be sure to read these documents thoroughly to understand all the rules and guidelines of Penderbrook and your specific land bay.

For questions regarding the common
facilities, golf club, tennis courts and so on, you’ll be able to direct those
to the Penderbrook Community Association. If there is a problem with your
property or the land bay itself within Penderbrook apartments in Fairfax VA,
then you’ll need to speak with the Penderbrook Land Bay association about that.

Each land bay has its own association, but you’ll find that the Cardinal Management Penderbrook oversees the majority of land bays. The land bays under Cardinal Management Penderbrook are the Heights, Greens, and Mews.

Every homeowner at Penderbrook becomes a member of the two Penderbrook HOA associations here (Penderbrook Community Association and Penderbrook Land Bay association).



Living at Penderbrook gives you access to several amenities. One of the main hubs for social contact between residents and a place for events and parties is the Penderbrook clubhouse. With a large-screen TV, modern sound system and a full kitchen, you’ll have no problem hosting events for friends, associates or anyone else you have in mind.

Penderbrook has a fitness center that is open from 4:30 in the morning until 11:00 at night. There is a variety of cardio and weight training equipment. From free weights to treadmills and elliptical machines, many are made by well-known brands like LifeFitness and Cybex.

If sports and outdoor activities are more of your things, you’ll find that Penderbrook has a swimming pool, tennis courts, and basketball courts. There’s even a tot lot for children. The Penderbrook pool has a diving board, a smaller pool for children and the main pool has a designated lane that is only four-feet deep.

Of course, there is also the
world-class Penderbrook golf course that many come to enjoy. No matter your
pleasures or preferences, you’re sure to love the amenities at Penderbrook.

Amenities in Penderbrook:
Outdoor Pool
Tennis Cours
Basketball Courts
Penderbrook Golf Course
Fitness Center
Tot Lot For Children



As you might expect from an area like
Penderbrook and Fairfax, this location is home to some of the best schools.
We’ll be using information from Great Schools when it comes to their score and
what you can expect from these schools. Many people come here simply for the Penderbrook
schools alone.

Waples Mill Elementary School
About 860 students come here and they score a 7 out of 10, which is an exceptional score. They do best with test scores, which ranks at 8 out of 10, but receive average scores for helping low-income students. This is quite common for many schools and is not isolated only to Fairfax.


Franklin Middle Schools
Franklin Middle Schools comes next. This is one of the best Penderbrook schools your children can go to, period. They score a 9 out of 10 with test scores being a perfect 10 out of 10. They even score highly when it comes to helping low-income students and equity overview. Like with Waples Mill Elementary, about 860 students come here.


Oakton High School
Last is Oakton High School with a very respectable 7 out of 10. They excel in test scores, and college readiness receives a perfect 10 out of 10 with high graduation rates, more than double the national AP participation rates and many students segueing directly into college. Low-income students receive quite a low score of 2 out of 10, which hurts their overall score, and about 2,400 students come here.


Fair Oaks Mall in Walking Distance

If you love malls, shopping, eating or just talking walks and window shopping, then you’ll love the Fair Oaks Mall. What’s best is that it’s within walking distance of Penderbrook. There are over 160 stores here that you can enjoy. From staples like JCPenney, Macy’s and Lord and Taylor to yummy dinings like The Cheesecake Factory and Sushi On, you’ll find that Fair Oaks Mall has everything you could hope for. All it takes is one brief stroll from your Penderbrook residence to buy whatever you might need.

Another thing that Penderbrook residents find convenient is that the mall has the DMV right inside it. This makes it easy when you need to update your driver’s license or registration.



Penderbrook has a variety of benefits that you’re sure to love. Here’s a brief list of them.
Enjoy golfing to your heart’s content at Penderbrook
Fair Oaks Mall is within walking distance, and you’re close to grocery stores like Harris Teeter
Fair Oaks Hospital is very close
Commuters like Penderbrook because it’s centrally located to all major workforce cities in the area. Within 30 minutes you can reach Washington D.C., Reston, and other cities
Near major highways like I-66, Route 50 and Fairfax County Parkway
Proximity to major bus lines and the metro


We normally try to balance the pros and cons with each residential community, but that’s proven difficult with Penderbrook. There are only two drawbacks we could think of, and they are relatively minor.

One problem is that the buildings are older. That doesn’t mean they are in disrepair or have issues, but they don’t have the most modern aesthetics. If you’re looking for completely brand new homes and condos, then you won’t get them here.
The other problem, which is slightly more important, is the distance between homes and the Penderbrook golf course. You’ll find that Penderbrook is quite a large community and there might be a significant amount of space between you and another home or the golf course. This is mostly dependent on where you live within the community.


Penderbrook is a fantastic area, and
you’ll find that many of the residents love it there. While many people come to
Penderbrook for the golf course, many more stay because of the lovely area,
proximity to stores and work, the amazing amenities and because Fairfax is
simply a great place to live.

Whether you want more information about Penderbrook apartments or Penderbrook homes for sale, any other residential communities in the area or even a tour, be sure to contact me with any of your questions or requests. I’ll be glad to help you find the perfect home, condo or apartment in the area for your needs.

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