Welcome to Idylwood Towers, a condo community located within Falls Church and Idylwood in Virginia. The location puts you next to all major highways, metros and convenient shopping locations while you enjoy everything that Virginia has to offer. This luxury condo community also offers 24-hour security along with a number of other amenities.

Table of Contents
  1. Falls Church Overview
  2. Statistics and Demographics
  3. Idylwood Towers – At a Glance
  4. Floor Plans
  5. Amenities
  6. HOA and Condo Association
  7. Schools
  8. Neighborhood
  9. Pros/Cons
  10. Conclusion

We’ll be covering Idylwood apartments along with the town in general so that you get an idea of what it’s like to live here. By the end of this, you’ll be acquainted with everything Falls Church and Idylwood apartments have to offer. You’ll also know what size units in Idylwood Towers are available to choose from along with the Idylwood condominiums management company.

We will also bring up floor plans and other relevant info so you’ll know if the Idylwood Towers apartments Falls Church VA for sale are right for you. For a quick Idylwood Towers West review, you can check the pros and cons section below.

Falls Church Overview

Let’s clear up some confusion before moving forward with the Idylwood Towers for sale information. Idylwood Towers is technically located in Falls Church at 2300 Pimmit Dr according to a city perspective, but it’s also part of Idylwood, which is a census-designated place, or CDP. Due to this, a more accurate name might be Idylwood Falls Church Towers. While it might sound a little confusing on paper, Idylwood Falls Church is an easy place to navigate. Idylwood is in an ideal location for those who want to enjoy the best of Northern Virginia.

You’ll find Falls Church to the east, Pimmit Hills and Tysons Corner to the north, Dunn Loring to the west, Merrifield to the southwest and West Falls Church to the south. Tysons Corner is packed with numerous luxury amenities and outlets, but all of these towns have something wonderful to offer.

Falls Church itself is an independent city with a population of just under 15,000. It has the lowest poverty rate of any independent city in the United States. Idylwood has a population of around 17,288 and has many luxury apartments and high-rise condos, such as the Idylwood apartment community.

Idylwood has a population of around 17,288 and has many luxury apartments and high-rise condos, such as the Idylwood apartment community.


Statistics and Demographics

This section will be a blend of statistics and demographics about the Idylwood apartment area. Please remember that these statistics aren’t specifically about Idylwood Towers but about the area, so your experiences might be slightly different.

The residents of Idylwood Towers and the area have a median age of 39.7 and there’s a mixture of working people and seniors. While there are some families with children, it’s not as common as other cities in Northern Virginia. Median household income for Falls Church residents is $114,795 while median property value rests at $742,000. There is a fairly even mix of owners and renters here. Poverty is at a very low 2.93 percent.

Crime is quite low for the Idylwood Towers area. Virginia is lower than the national average by about half, and the Idylwood Towers area is even safer than the Virginian average. Your chances of being involved in a violent crime are 1 in 1,458 and property crime is 1 in 68. The odds are in your favor.

About 78 percent of residents around Idylwood Towers are college graduates and there is a fairly even mix of male and female with 52 percent males and 48 percent females. Average family size is about 2.5 people. Demographics by race and ethnicity are about 72 percent white, 10.6 percent Hispanic, 9.3 percent Asian and 4.5 percent African American.

Median household income for Falls Church residents is $114,795 while median property value rests at $742,000.


Idylwood Towers – At a Glance

Idylwood Towers is composed of two high-rise buildings and has 484 units. Created in 1974, the classic concrete and brick structures are more than just aesthetic. They provide fantastic sound insulation along with fire resistance. The entire Idylwood Towers complex is 22 acres and includes large natural areas with ample parking.

Idylwood Towers offers a number of amenities that we will detail later, but the main ones include a fitness area, a large swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, a cookout area and a children’s playground. Idylwood Towers for sale is considered a sound investment because they operate under tight controls and make consistent improvements to maximize the property’s value.

Idylwood Towers has slightly different addresses for each building. The Idylwood Towers East Tower is 2311 Pimmit Dr, Falls Church, VA 22043 while the Idylwood Towers West Tower is 2300 Pimmit Dr, Falls Church, VA 22043. Both Idylwood Towers West and Idylwood Towers East are nearly identical.

Idylwood Towers is composed of two high-rise buildings and has 484 units with the following address: Idylwood Towers East Tower is 2311 Pimmit Dr while the Idylwood Towers West Tower is 2300 Pimmit Dr.


Floor Plans

Idylwood Towers floor plan options come in five variants with one, two or three bedrooms and bathrooms. If you want to know what size units in Idylwood Towers, the square footage ranges from 579 to 1,491 depending on which floor plan you choose.

The five Idylwood Towers floor plans are:
1 bedroom and 1 bathroom: 579 square feet
1 bedroom and 1 bathroom: 862 square feet
2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms: 1,158 or 1,182 square feet (depends on the individual unit)
3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms: 1,315 square feet
3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms: 1,491 square feet


Aside from the smallest one which is made to be more affordable, all of the Idylwood Towers condos for sale are quite spacious and will give you plenty of room to stretch your legs and relax after a hard day’s work. All the floor plans are sensibly created and make it easy to reach the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and all other areas.


Idylwood Towers has a number of wonderful amenities. For those looking for security, you’ll be happy to know that both Idylwood Towers buildings have 24-hour manned security with controlled access. Not only that, but the building itself is resistant to fire because it’s made primarily from brick and concrete.

If you like physical activity, exercise and the great outdoors, then Idylwood Towers doesn’t disappoint. One of the most impressive Idylwood Towers amenities is the large outdoor pool complete with a diving board. If you’re looking to exercise indoors, then there’s a large fitness center with all the cardio and weight lifting equipment you would ever need.

There are eight outdoor gas grills at Idylwood Towers for making burgers, dogs and other tasty treats. You’ll also gain access to the sundeck, cardio rooms, four tennis courts, and a basketball court. There’s a library to enjoy along with free storage space in the basement for all Idylwood Towers residents.

Other amenities at Idylwood Towers include a children’s playground, pool rooms and a room for private parties and community activities.

Amenities at Idylwood Towers:
24-hour Security with controlled access
Large Outdoor Pool with diving board
Large Fitness Center with all the cardio and weight lifting equipment
Eight Outdoor Gas Grills
Four Tennis Courts
Basketball Court
Free Storage Space
Children’s Playground
Pool Rooms


HOA and Condo Association

The Idylwood Towers HOA is managed by Legum & Norman, a community management company that works with many other condo communities in the surrounding area. They have been managing communities since 1979 and have a proven track record of excellence and dependability. The Idylwood Towers HOA provides on-site management to help with anything that you may need assistance with.

As you might expect, the Idylwood condominiums management does require condo fees and Idylwood Towers is no different in this regard. The Idylwood Towers condo fee is below and it’s part of your Idylwood towers rent. Please note that these are monthly and they include all utilities.

Condo Fees at Idylwood Towers:
Junior 1 bedroom: $471.11
Standard 1 bedroom: $596.37
2 Bedroom: $791.04
3 Bedroom and 2 bathroom: $946.57
3 Bedroom and 3 bathroom: $985.18




While there aren’t as many families with children around Idylwood Towers, those who do have children will definitely be interested in this section. The schools in Fairfax County, where Idylwood Towers is located, are all good and will provide a good foundation for your children. The information presented here comes from Great Schools, a website dedicated to reviewing schools around the nation.

First, up for Idylwood Towers residents is Shrevewood Elementary School. This school caters to kindergarten through sixth grade and has 730 students. This school has an above-average rating of 6 out of 10. They score above the state average with tests and academic achievement, but they receive a low score for assisting low-income students.

After that would be Kilmer Middle School. This school has 1,230 students in seventh and eighth grade and a very high grade of 7 out of 10. In terms of test scores, Kilmer Middle School has an almost perfect 9 out of 10. Much like with Shrevewood, they receive a low score for assisting low-income students.

Last up is Marshall High School. This school has 2,052 students and receives an average score of 5 out of 10. While their test score rating is quite high at 8 out of 10, the problem is that their college readiness score is low at 3 out of 10. If you are a parent, then this may be something you want to address with the school.

Schools at Idylwood Towers:
Shrevewood Elementary School
Kilmer Middle School
Marshall High School



One of the best things about living at Idylwood Towers is the location and all it has to offer. Living at Idylwood Towers gives you access to shopping, commuting and entertainment options, all of which are just a short drive away.

Idylwood Towers puts you right next to major stores like Whole Foods, Giant and Trader Joe’s, but it’s the proximity to Tysons Corner that makes Idylwood Towers wonderful. Tysons Corner has two of the biggest malls in the area. Both the Tysons Corner Center and Tysons Galleria are home to hundreds of stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Cheesecake Factory, Coastal Flats and much more.

You’re also less than two miles from the West Falls Church metro and bus stops. This makes commuting a breeze. Idylwood Towers is situated only 12 miles from Washington D.C., where many of the residents work. One of the bus stops is right by the Idylwood Towers property, which makes it even easier to get to work.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a list of pros and cons that I have come up with based on my own experiences. As a long-time realtor in the Northern Virginia area, I have been able to see many of the condo communities in the area. This gives me a unique perspective and allows me to compare Idylwood Towers directly with other communities in the area. This could be considered an Idylwood Towers West review.

Please remember that these Idylwood Towers pros and cons are subjective and your experiences might be different.


Location: Idylwood Towers is in a fantastic location because it puts you right next to major roads, highways, intersections, metro stops, shopping outlets and so much more.
Ample Parking: Idylwood Towers residents have an easy time finding a parking spot. Idylwood Towers allows guest parking for friends or family members who are coming to visit.
Affordability: You’ll find that the Idylwood Towers condos are very affordable when you consider the area. The last six months have shown that 15 of the Idylwood Towers condos for sale went for between $175K to $265K. You can’t get much better being this close to Washington D.C., Tysons, and Maryland. Not only that, but you have to consider all the public transportation within walking distance.
The Idylwood Towers buildings are solid with brick and concrete, which drastically reduces noise from neighbors.
Both Idylwood Towers buildings have a 24-hour manned front desk and controlled access.
The Idylwood Towers condos are relatively spacious compared to other rental properties in the area.
You get a washer and dryer with your Idylwood Towers unit, which is uncommon in this area.
Entertainment: Idylwood Towers gives you tons of things to do. There are two large shopping malls nearby with hundreds of stores. The Tyson Galleria is five minutes away by car and has dining, shopping and entertainment options for you.


The Idylwood Towers rent and condo fees are somewhat high as they range from $597 to $800 a month, depending on your Idylwood Towers floor plan. At the same time, the Idylwood Towers condo fee does include utilities, except for phone and cable, and this is offset by the low sales price.
The brick and concrete construction is solid and has its appeal, but Idylwood Towers is an older building. While it has been well-maintained and is in excellent shape, some people want newer buildings. If that describes you, then Idylwood Towers may not be the best fit. In that case, consider One Park Crest.
There is no garage parking available at Idylwood Towers. This can be a big downside to those who love their cars. There is only outside parking that is first-come, first-serve.


Idylwood Towers is a charming, spacious condo community with many amenities and benefits. Not only is it more affordable, but it places you in a prime location for commuting, shopping, and entertainment. I highly suggest this property because it has so much to offer and comes at a relatively low price for spacious units. If you’re looking for Idylwood Towers apartments Falls Church VA for sale, then I’ll be able to help with every step of the process.

If you are interested in getting a tour of Idylwood Towers or other properties in the area, I am here for you. I can also answer questions you may have about the area. I’ve worked with many of the properties in the Northern Virginia area and am familiar with what they offer and what can work for you. Contact me today so I can give you a helping hand.

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