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Heritage Hunt

People nearing or in retirement age often want to know they can enjoy the best in life without running out of money. When you currently or expect to be living on a fixed income soon, you might evaluate your situation and decide to opt for a place that is more comfortable, accommodating, and affordable for your budget. Rather than head to Florida, Arizona, or other states that attract retirees, you can discover a retirement lifestyle that suits your needs and your finances by moving to Heritage Hunt.

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Table of Contents
    1. Community Overview
    2. A Quick History Lesson
    3. Why Heritage Hunt is One of the Best Retirement Communities in Northern Virginia
    4. Why You Should Consider it as Your New Home



Community Overview


Heritage Hunt is one of the 55+ communities in VA that is located in Gainesville in Prince William County. As one of the premier Gainesville retirement communities, it is home to more than 3000 residents. Heritage Hunt offers a unique Virginia retirement community way of life that is unmatched by some of the other Gainesville retirement communities.


Also as one of the 55+ communities in VA, Heritage Hunt has more than 1800 individual homes and Heritage condos available for residents. This particular Virginia retirement community sits on one of the best Gainesville golf courses to be designed by world-class golf course designer Arthur Hill. It also has its own Heritage Hunt country club that is open exclusively for Heritage Hunt residents.


The Heritage Hunt community is located not far from the best that Gainesville has to offer. Gainesville itself is a town of a little more than 11,000 residents. People who live in the Heritage Hunt community have easy access to restaurants, movie theaters, big box stores, strip malls (Virginia Gateway), and more. These conveniences are within a few miles of Heritage Hunt and the people who call it home.


As you are looking for homes for sale in Heritage Hunt Gainesville VA newcomers like you also may recall that the area predates the American Revolution. The Heritage condos and homes for sale today sit on the same land that was settled by early colonial residents. Gainesville and Heritage Hunt also are located in an area that served as a byway for Civil War soldiers on their way to some of the war’s biggest battles.


When it comes to finding affordable homes for sale in Heritage Hunt Gainesville VA residents like you may be suited perfectly by what Heritage Hunt has to offer. Along with getting a home that you can afford on a fixed income, you also get access to amenities like one of the best Gainesville golf courses and the Heritage Hunt country club that are open just for residents of the community. You will find that as one of the premiers over 55 communities in Virginia that it exceeds your expectations and is capable of offering you the retirement lifestyle you deserve and want.


Heritage Hunt has more than 1800 individual homes and condos available for residents and sits on one of the best Gainesville golf courses to be designed by world-class golf course designer Arthur Hill.


A Quick History Lesson


Heritage Hunt Golf Course and Clubhouse

Heritage Hunt was launched as one of the over 55 communities in Virginia starting in 1997 when Jerry Berman purchased the Marsh Mansion, the building that now serves as the Heritage Hunt clubhouse. The Marsh Mansion at the time was extremely dilapidated and in poor condition. In fact, when Berman purchased the mansion, it was teeming with wildlife like raccoons, skunks, and even deer.


However, he and his professional counterparts persisted in renovating and cleaning up the Marsh Mansion, an effort that would eventually allow the present day Heritage golf course to be established and built around the former mansion. Berman was soon joined in his efforts by retirement community developer Mike Dillard who took on the task of building not only the Heritage golf course but also the Heritage clubhouse, gatehouse that serves as secured entrance and exit for the community, the community’s decorative fountain, gazebo, fitness center, and much more.


While Heritage Hunt is still growing and can be considered to some extent a work-in-progress, it is more than ready to welcome you to any of its available homes and condos for sale. Moreover, facilities like the Heritage Hunt clubhouse can be used for events like a Heritage Hunt wedding. This building also currently serves as the offices for the Heritage Hunt HOA as well as the community’s reading library, game room, and computer room.


Why Heritage Hunt is One of the Best Retirement Communities in Northern Virginia


Heritage Hunt is considered to be one of the best retirement communities in Northern Virginia for a variety of reasons. Some of these top reasons for why you should call Heritage Hunt your next home include:


Beautiful Surroundings


Heritage Hunt offers pastoral landscapes and beautiful scenery that is unlike anything you will find at other retirement communities. It has a winding main road that you can drive or walk to view the captivating scenery. The grounds overlook the golf course as well as wooded areas, the community’s homes, and open lands.


High-quality Homes


The homes for sale in Heritage Hunt are designed for retirement living in mind. You will find spacious two to five-bedroom homes with open floor plans, master suites, furnished kitchens, and even basements for extra living space or storage. The homes for sale are priced around one-third of what the average home price is going for in Prince William County.


Resort-style Amenities

Tennis court

Heritage Hunt offers resort-style amenities that will keep you active and entertained. The amenities range from the clubhouse that can accommodate events like a Heritage Hunt wedding, reception, dance, banquet dinner, and music shows.


The clubhouse is also home to the community’s game and computer rooms as well as rooms that can be rented for meetings. Aside from the clubhouse, you will find several tennis courts, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and even a restaurant that offers informal and formal dining. Access to these amenities is included with the yearly fees you pay to the Heritage Hunt HOA.


World-class Golf Course

golf course

The showpiece of Heritage Hunt is its Arthur Hills-designed 18-hole golf course. The golf course is designed for all levels of play. As a Heritage Hunt resident, you get access to the course’s regulation driving range, golf cart trail that doubles as a walking trail during after hours, a putting and practice green, and a fully stocked golf pro shop. You can look forward to spending hours in the fresh air and sunshine playing nine or 18 holes of golf.


Focus on Fitness and Staying Active

fit old couple

Despite being a retirement community, there is a big emphasis on staying fit and active in Heritage Hunt. People who live in Heritage Hunt often keep immaculately landscaped gardens and lawns. They take pride in the appearances of their homes and work hard to make sure their homes remain in great condition.


You can also stay fit and active by swimming in either the indoor or outdoor pool, joining the fitness club, or playing tennis on either of the community’s tennis courts. The fitness center also serves as the place where you can take fitness classes like yoga and Pilates. When you are not working out, gardening, or playing golf, you might volunteer at the community’s game or computer room.


Professional Management

Finally, Heritage Hunt is professionally maintained and managed by its own HOA. The fees you pay guarantee your security and peace of mind. The HOA takes all complaints and concerns seriously and addresses issues in a timely manner. You avoid having to live in a community that is not secure or rundown because of a lack of professional management.


What Heritage Hunt offers you:

Beautiful Surroundings
High-quality Homes
Resort-style Amenities
World-class Golf Course
Focus on Fitness and Staying Active
Professional Management


Why You Should Consider it as Your New Home


If the amenities and conveniences of Heritage Hunt are not enough to convince you to move to this retirement community, you might be swayed by learning about its appeal for others who have moved here. One of the main reasons why people move to Heritage Hunt is its affordable cost of living. Unlike other places in the D.C. metro area, Heritage Hunt is reasonably priced and makes it a priority to offer homes that retirees can easily afford. The average home price here is about one-third of what a home outside of Heritage Hunt would cost you.


Further, it has become a haven for retirees who are not convinced to move to Florida, Arizona, or other locales that are popular with retirement-aged individuals. You might have friends and family in the area to whom you want to remain close. Rather than move to a state where you know no one, you can remain close to your loved ones by moving to Heritage Hunt.


Finally, Heritage Hunt was specifically created for retirement living in mind. You avoid the hectic pace of the metro area when you move to this 55 or better community. You also do not have to worry about facets like what the schools are like or how safe the community is for small children. In Heritage Hunt, your neighbors will be 55 or better individuals like you.


Heritage Hunt can offer you the peace of mind and retirement-style living you want at this point in your life. From its beautiful and spacious homes to its world-class golf course, it has everything you need for comfort, fun, and convenience. You can start the best years of your life now by making the move to Heritage Hunt today.


If you want a personal tour of the houses for sale Gainesville VA or a private showing of the community, then please contact me and make an appointment. Together we can find the perfect residence for you, your family and your future.

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