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For those looking to raise a family and live in luxury, few places are better than Evergreen Farms. Situated in Haymarket, Virginia and just 40 miles from Washington DC, many families are flocking here because it presents a wonderful environment for raising children or enjoying the best of Virginia while still being close enough to work. In the Prince William County and right near Bull Run Mountain, this area has good schools, many amenities and an environment fit for families and those who love nature.

Evergreen Farms is a large golf community with 110 single family homes for sale in Haymarket VA, its own 18-hole golf course and enough amenities to make anyone happy. Whether you’re looking for the Evergreen golf course VA or just a good place to relax and raise a family, Evergreen Farms gives you everything you could hope for.

Let’s talk about Evergreen Farms to show you why it’s such a wonderful place and why you’ll love living there.

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Table of Contents
  1. Community Overview
  2. Haymarket Overview
  3. Evergreen Farms Homeowners Association
  4. Amenities
  5. Evergreen Country Club
  6. Schools
  7. Crime Rate
  8. Top Three Things to do in Haymarket VA
  9. Conclusion


Community Overview

Community Overview
Due to its proximity to Washington DC, many residents at Evergreen Farms work either in government or tech positions. This affords the residents a higher overall income along with a professional atmosphere. The town where Evergreen Farms is situated, Haymarket, is known for its safety and beauty. It allows you to get away from the city after work so that you can relax and breathe in the mountain air. It’s understandable why so many people are looking for homes for sale Haymarket VA.

The median age is about 33 years old, so you’ll find many families here. While median property value is just under $400,000, Evergreen Farms has a higher price point due to the larger size of both the house and yard. Houses at Evergreen Farms are usually around the $425,000 to $1.7 million range. Most have three bathrooms, four bedrooms and a five-acre lot.

Along with a tight-knit community and 110 single family homes for sale in Haymarket VA, you’ll also find that Evergreen Farms has its own golf course. Along with that, you can expect to eat the best foods from notable chef Travis Simmons in three lovely dining rooms, many family activities, tennis courts and a 25-meter swimming pool.

If you’re looking to meet neighbors or just have fun, you’ll want to spend some time at the Evergreen country club VA, also known as the Evergreen CC. There are an outdoor terrace and fine dining, formal lounges, a breathtaking stone garden and a constant arrangement of weddings and social functions.

You’ll always find something new to enjoy and appreciate at Evergreen Farms.


Evergreen Farms is a large golf community with 110 single family homes on up to five-acre lot.


Haymarket Overview

The demographic at Evergreen Farms is more affluent. According to DataUSA, a website dedicated to collecting and updating demographic information for towns across the country, the average household income for Haymarket is $122,000. With a population of about 1,800, you’ll never feel crowded.

Median property value is an impressive $390,000, but the houses you’ll find at Evergreen Farms are worth significantly more. This is because the homes are larger and decidedly more luxurious than the rest of Haymarket, but the entire area is truly stunning.

Most residents in Evergreen Farms and Haymarket, in general, are around 33 years old. It’s very common to see families in this area as many people are raising children. While it will be covered later in more detail, the schooling system is amazing. Those living in Evergreen Farms will be sending their children to the Prince Williams County schools, which are known for academic excellence.

The population is somewhat diverse with 64.8 percent of residents being Caucasian, 12.5 percent being Hispanic and 12.2 percent being African American. About 80 percent of residents here are homeowners and commute time is typically about 40 minutes, which makes sense since Evergreen Farms is about 40 minutes from Washington DC.

The workers here all tend to be specialized in a field, such as tech or administration, and almost a quarter of Haymarket residents are managers at their various jobs. As you can see, Evergreen Farms is a place that welcomes excellence and rewards you for your dedication.


Evergreen Farms Homeowners Association

The Evergreen Farms HOA, which they call the Property Owners Association, is an organization aimed at fostering community togetherness. This will give you more information about their HOA along with different rules that every resident is obligated to follow.

Evergreen Farms Property Owners Association

The Evergreen Farms Property Owners Association, or EPOA, is a group that nearly everyone at Evergreen Farms is a part of. This is a voluntary association that is aimed at maintaining the high spirits of the community, fostering community togetherness and setting up events for everyone in the neighborhood.

Joining the association, which has a small annual fee, gives you access to many events along with a community mailing list. Whether to help protect the heritage of the area or just to gain access to local events, you’ll want to join in and be a part of the Evergreen Farms community.

Agricultural Control Committee

The Evergreen Farms Agricultural Control Committee, or ACC, sets forth neighborhood rules that everyone must abide by. In general, the rules made and governed by the ACC determine what development and construction can be done on your land. It’s in your best interest to contact the ACC before starting any exterior projects or modifications.

To see all the rules made by the ACC, click here. If you ever have any questions, then you can contact the ACC and they would be glad to help you. The members there are very helpful and will try to help you with any projects you want to start or questions that you may have.




Evergreen Farms has a number of amenities that residents of all ages can enjoy. Perhaps the most noticeable is the Evergreen golf course VA. In the center of Evergreen Farms, you’ll find both the golf course and the Evergreen Country Club VA.

The 18-hole golf course at the Evergreen Country Club Haymarket Virginia has been expertly designed to give you a challenging environment that both veterans and newcomers can appreciate. The par is 72 and there are six holes with water elements. You won’t find any parallel fairways here. The tour-quality facilities include a 7,000 square foot putting green, short-game practice areas and grass driving range.

The Evergreen CC is luxurious and has many lovely amenities. There are three large dining rooms and you’ll be offered meals inspired by the lively palate of celebrity chef Travis Simmons. You’ll find cuisine from many different cultures ranging from casual to bold and creative.

You’ll also find formal dining opportunities, al fresco eating, grill rooms, a boardroom and more at the Evergreen Country Club Haymarket. Weddings and corporate events are very common at Evergreen Country Club Haymarket Virginia and residents are known for having large parties during these events.

Active families are common here and there are numerous amenities dedicated to helping you stay active. There are a 25-meter pool and a modern fitness center. There are four tennis courts and a volleyball court. You can also enjoy grass picnics as you watch the nature around you.

If you love history, then you’ll be happy to know that the Evergreen Country Club Haymarket has preserved the Manor House, an 18th century ancestral home for an old family known as the Middlesex Berkeley’s.

Whether you’re looking for great golfing, amazing food or opportunities to stay active, you’ll love Evergreen Farms and everything that it offers.


Amenities in Evergreen Farms:
18-hole golf course
25-meter pool
modern fitness center
four tennis courts
volleyball court
Manor House

Evergreen Country Club

Evergreen CC
The Evergreen Farms Country Club has many social amenities and events that you’ll love. Since the Evergreen homes VA are all centered around the club, you’ll likely want to join to feel like a part of the community.

You’ll find several levels of membership at Evergreen Farms. The major difference between them all is how you can use the facilities. For example, the Full Golf membership gives you unlimited access to the golf course and all other facilities, while the Weekday Golf membership restricts you to only golfing on weekdays, excluding holidays. For more information about the various memberships, click here.

As you can expect from a world-class golf course, there are numerous golfing events held here. Perhaps most prestigious are the Virginia State Open Championship, US Amateur Qualifiers, the USGA Senior and the Evergreen Autumn Invitational. There are also a number of charity events held here. You’ll be able to help the community while having a wonderful time.

Along with the large golf course, you can also expect a scenic landscape, fine dining and both lounges and boardrooms to suit your needs. You can take a dip in the 25-meter pool or play tennis at any of their four courts. There are three different dining rooms and numerous meals to suit any palate.

If you want to enjoy everything that Evergreen Farms offers, then you’ll certainly want to join the Evergreen Country Club. This will give you access to the facilities along with numerous other amenities.


You’ll find several levels of membership at Evergreen Farms. The major difference between them all is how you can use the facilities. For more information about the various memberships, click here.


Your children will be attending public schools in the Prince William County area. You’ll be happy to know that this county has amazing schools that have been highly ranked and are much beloved. From high test scores to exceptional academic progress, you’ll find that these schools will be wonderful for your children.

All of the following scores are from GreatSchools, a website that grades schools based on important factors such as grades, academic progress and much more.


Samuel L. Gravely Junior Elementary School
This elementary school receives a 7 out of 10 score from GreatSchools, which represents above average performance compared to other schools in the area. There are 765 students here and average test scores are exceptional. While some other schools suffer from low grades in terms of helping disadvantaged students, this school excels at ensuring that every student is given a fair chance at learning.

Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle School
Much like the elementary schools, this one receives a very high 7 out of 10 score. There are 1,284 students here and the average test scores are incredibly high. In fact, this school receives an 8 out of 10 for their test scores, but the overall score is brought down by their performance with disadvantaged students. In that regard, Ronald Wilson has a 6 out of 10 score, but they are working towards correcting that.

Battlefield High School
Battlefield High Schools receives an exceptional 8 out of 10 and is famed for helping students prepare for college. They receive a nearly perfect 9 out of 10 for college readiness and an 8 out of 10 for test scores, but falter slightly with a 6 out of 10 for helping disadvantaged students. There are 2,742 students here and 97 percent of them graduate, which is higher than the state average. In general, this is a fantastic school for your older children.

Crime Rate

Crime Rate
No matter your background or demographic, every person moving to a new location is concerned about crime. We understand that you don’t want to be victimized and you want to ensure that the area is safe.

According to Neighborhood Scout, a website that highlights crime rates and other important information, says that Haymarket is one of the safest towns in America. It’s safer than 93 percent of other towns and crime is almost nonexistent here. There are no recent violent crimes and only eight petty property crimes reported annually.

Evergreen Farms is exceptionally safe. The likelihood of you being victimized while living at Evergreen Farms is incredibly low. If you’re looking for a safe place to live, then few areas are better than Evergreen Farms.


Haymarket is one of the safest towns in America. It’s safer than 93 percent of other towns in the United States.

Top Three Things to do in Haymarket VA

VA gateway
Evergreen Farms has a number of amenities and there is a lot to do without ever leaving the neighborhood. If you do want to venture out and see about Haymarket VA things to do, then you’ll find that these are the top three things that residents love doing. From shopping to ice skating, here’s what you can enjoy while living at Evergreen Farms.


Virginia Gateway
While technically in Gainesville and not Haymarket, the Gateway Shopping Center is a short 15 to 20-minute drive from Evergreen Farms. You’ll find several dozen stores at the Gateway Shopping Center, such as Panera Bread, Target, Best Buy, several medical offices, and the Regal Cinemas Gainesville. The Regal Cinemas Gainesville is a huge draw because it’s beautiful and shows all the newest, best movies.
Haymarket IcePlex
The Haymarket IcePlex has two different rinks and is considered one of the best Haymarket VA things to do. It’s enjoyed by those who love to skate, figure skate or play hockey. You can come and put on your favorite skates or watch hockey leagues battle it out. Both children and adults can sign up for lessons. Whether you love skating or you want to learn how to do it, the IcePlex is the perfect place for it.
Haymarket Farmers Market
While you have easy access to food stores, there’s nothing better than locally grown produce. The Haymarket Farmers Market allows you to buy produce fresher than anything you can find in stores. Held every Saturday from April to December, you’ll find seasonal produce that’s tastier than you can imagine.


Evergreen Farms is a lovely area that gives you a full, 18-hole golf course, amazing schools, exceptional shopping opportunities, and a very low crime rate. While many people are looking for homes for sale Haymarket VA are raising families, numerous individuals are flocking here because it’s a beautiful area with numerous amenities.

If you have any questions about Evergreen homes VA or any other residencies in the area, be sure to contact us or fill out the contact form below and we will promptly get back to you. We can answer your questions, or you can schedule a tour of the area. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to learn more about the area and find out when homes open up here or throughout the Virginian area.

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